Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer of 2009

Hello everyone, Here we are again doing a little update on our summer. We have been busy, and have been having lot of fun. Joel has been working really hard on his business, and we hardly ever see him, but we have some great friends, and family here in Las Vegas that I can go play with. This summer Joel and I have been to Hawaii, and a couple of trips to Utah. One of the trips to Utah we got to experince my brother and his wife going through the Mt. Timpanogous Temple, and get sealed for time and all Eternity. On that trip we got to go to a rodeo, and unfortunately it poured on us the whole time. Luckily we didn't take Lily or it would have been even more miserable than it was already. Lily is getting so big and so much fun. We are about to try potty training, and introducing her to a big bed. I am a little nervous, so any advice is greatly appreciated. Our last trip up to Utah I got to spend time with my sisters, and mom and even got to go horse back riding with my brother. I got to do alot of projects with my mom and sister, and they taught me alot of stuff. Like making a blanket, a baby sling, and bows. They are great and I love them. Joel had a family reunion up at Aspen Grove which is just above Sundance. It was beautiful, and so much fun. If anyone gets a chance to go you should do it. We got to do crafts, movies, hiking, swimming, and alot of eating. But best of all we got to stay up late, and play nerts with everyone, and got to listen to a great fireside which Joels grandpa spoke at and who is an amazing person. We are so blessed to have two incredible families, and that we can all be sealed together. Anyways, we hope you all are doing well. And it seems that i update every month or two so i will get back to you soon. Love you all!


We got the chance to hike up Mt. Timpanogous. We didn't hike all the way up, but a few hours from the top. It was so beautiful. The flowers that we got up there were amazing. Joel and I both said that it was the most beautiful hike that we have ever been on.

This is the last water fall that we got to before getting to the lake. Joel and Derek went up to the lake, but Lindsey and I turned around because we had to go and pick up the kids.
We called this the Gummy Bear land. If you ever watched that cartoon as a kid. It was so green and beautiful. There was still snow up there that we were able to touch. We hiked for another 45 min. to get to the last waterfall.

This is the group that went on the hike. Only the 4 of us made it to the last waterfall. It was so refreshing and cool sitting there. I didn't want to leave.

At Aspen Grove one of the nights is Frontier day. We got to go around the park and do a lot of different activities. It was such a blast.

Lily in a Tee Pee. We just got done listening to a story of how Mt. Timpanogous got its name. We got some feathers after the story. Lily loved calling them her bows.
I had to take this picture to show everyone how beautiful Aspen Grove is. It was amazing.

Lily really got into riding this horse. She was pulling the carriage. It was really funny. Everyone couldn't get enough of it.

We got the opportunity to throw some hatchets. I got one to stay out of five. It was really fun. The kid next to me didn't get any to stick. HAHAHAHA

Joel got three to stick but as soon as one would stick the other fell off. I love his face that he is pulling.

We got to go to Aspen Grove for Joels Family Reunion. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures of us doing the rope course. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. I promised myself that if I made it back to solid ground that I would never do something like that again. These are some of Joel sisters, and cousins.

Me just about to repell down. I think that was the scariest part for me. Walking off the edge and praying that the rope was going to hold me.

Joel climbing up. They said that he made it up faster than anyones else. Joel felt like home doing this because he worked at the bungy jump place here in Las Vegas. He is amazing!!

Me trying to climb this log that moved all over the place. I actually got up faster than I thought I would, but it was really scary. I was the first one to go. If I had waited to see everyone else go I probably wouldn't have done it.

Random Pictures of Lily

Lily at the Spanish Fork parade. She didn't know what to do with all of the candy.
Lily's new thing is to wear a hat the second she gets out of bed. This is the one that she chose for the day.

Lily sharing her popcicle with her cousin at the American Fork Pool. It was really fun to see.


These are a few pictures of Lily. These show the personality of Lily.

Lily wearing a baby sleeping bag on her head. She thought it was a hat.The 4th of July. She wouldn't take this hat off until we went to bed. Grandma Nelson dressed her for bed.

The 4th of July out at Spring Mountain ranch waiting for the train.

Lily and Porter walking from Swimming. She had to hold his hand We went up to Utah and ate at some resturant. Lily wanted to sit on the saddle. I love that smile.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Little Water Lily

We have this great park near our house that we love to go to especially now that it is summer. As you can see in the background that there is some water. Well I wasn't going to let Lily get in until I got her in her swimsuit, but I turned my back for a minute, and she was gone. She loves the water, and loves playing with friends. This little girl that Lily is hugging she just met. Lily loves giving hugs, and kisses to who ever will take them. She is such a fun girl.